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Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education: hdr-fable@uwa.edu.au

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences: hdr-ems@uwa.edu.au

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences: hdrenquiries-fhms@uwa.edu.au

Faculty of Science: hdr-enquiry-science@uwa.edu.au

Contact graduate research co-ordinators for assistance and information.

Co-ordinators are authorised by heads of school and the Graduate Research School to sign approvals and other formal documents related to candidature and scholarships.

Enrolling School
Graduate Research Coordinator 
Agricultural and Resource Economics grc-are@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Chunbo Ma
Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology grc-aphb@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Debra Judge
Animal Biology grc-animals@uwa.edu.au Professor Leigh Simmons
Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts grc-alva@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Christopher Vernon
Business School grc-business@uwa.edu.au
Accounting and Finance Professor Vincent Chong
Economics Professor Yanrui Wu
Management and Organisations Professor Cristina Gibson
Marketing Winthrop Professor Geoff Soutar
Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering grc-ceme@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Ali Karrech
Dr Nicole Jones
Dr Shazzad Hossain
Chemistry and Biochemistry
(Including the ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Energy Biology)
grc-scb@uwa.edu.au Professor Reto Dorta
Associate Professor Peter Arthur
Computer Science and Software Engineering grc-csse@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Du Huynh
Dentistry grc-dent@uwa.edu.au Doctor Omar Kujan
Earth and Environment
(Including the Centre for Exploration Targeting)
grc-see@uwa.edu.au Professor Jason Beringer
Associate Professor Eun-Jung Holden
Graduate School of Education grc-edu@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Elaine Chapman
Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering grc-eece@uwa.edu.au Professor Victor Sreeram
Humanities grc-hum@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Kieran Dolin
Law grc-law@uwa.edu.au Professor Camilla Andersen
Mathematics and Statistics grc-maths@uwa.edu.au Doctor Thomas Stemler
Mechanical and Chemical Engineering grc-smce@uwa.edu.au Professor Adrian Keating
Medicine and Pharmacology
(Including the Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research and the UWA Centre for Medical Research)
grc-smp@uwa.edu.au Dr Jane Allan
Music grc-music@uwa.edu.au Dr Nicholas Bannan
Paediatrics and Child Health
(Including the Telethon Kids Institute)
postgrad-spach@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Sunalene Devadason
Professor Mark Everad
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine grc-palm@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Allison Imrie
Dr Katie Meehan (Dep)
(Including the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research)
grc-physics@uwa.edu.au Professor Ian McArthur
Professor Gerhardt Meurer
Plant Biology grc-plants@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Erik Veneklaas
Associate Professor Megan Ryan
Population Health grc-sph@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Tom Briffa
Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care grc-sparhc@uwa.edu.au Dr Nahal Mavaddat
Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences grc-spcn@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Mohan Isaac
Psychology grc-psy@uwa.edu.au Mr Neil McLean
Social Sciences grc-ss@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Steven Maras
Sport Science, Exercise and Health grc-sseh@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Sandy Gordon
Surgery grc-surg@uwa.edu.au Professor Barry Iacopetta
Women's and Infants' Health grc-swih@uwa.edu.au Professor Jeffrey Keelan
Centre for Excellence in Natural Resource Management grc-cenrm@uwa.edu.au Dr Dale Roberts
Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis grc-cmca@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Martin Saunders
Centre for Ophthalmology and Visual Science
(Including the Lion's Eye Institute)
christopher.andoniou@uwa.edu.au Dr Christopher Andoniou

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