HDR Enquiries for Prospective Students

Graduate Research Coordinator Contacts

Enrolling SchoolSectionEmailGraduate Research Coordinator
Agriculture and Environment  grc-sae@uwa.edu.au 
  Agriculture and Resource Economics Ram Pandit
  Environmental Science Roberta Bencini
 Geography and Planning Kirsten Martinus
 Plant and Animal Biology within SAgE; Institute of Agriculture Dominique Blache
 Centre for Excellence in Natural Resource Management (CENRM)grc-cenrm@uwa.edu.auPaul Close
Allied Health grc-health@uwa.edu.au 
 Pharmacy and Podiatric Medicine Lee Yong Lim
 Social Work and Health Profession Education 

Susan Young

Mubarak Rahamathulla 

Biological Sciences grc-sbs@uwa.edu.au 
 Animal Biology Leigh Simmons
 Plant Biology Erik Veneklaas
Biomedical Sciences grc-biomed@uwa.edu.au Allison Imrie
Business School grc-business@uwa.edu.au 
 Accounting & Finance and Economics Michael McLure
 Management & Organisations and Marketing 

Michael Gillan

Sandra Kiffin-Petersen 

Centre for Ophthalmology and Visual Science (COVS)grc-dent@uwa.edu.auOmar Kujan
Conservatorium of Music grc-music@uwa.edu.auCecilia Sun
Dentistry grc-dent@uwa.edu.auOmar Kujan
Design grc-design@uwa.edu.auFernando Jerez
Earth Sciencesgrc-ses@uwa.edu.au
Moyra Wilson
Michael Dentith
Engineering grc-engineering@uwa.edu.au 
 Chemical Engineering Einar Fridjonsson
 Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering Ali Karrech
 Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering Hongwei An
  Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering Brett Nener
 Mechanical Engineering 

Adrian Keating

Elena Juan Pardo 

Graduate School of Education grc-edu@uwa.edu.auElaine Chapman
Human Sciences grc-shs@uwa.edu.au 
 Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology Debra Judge
 Sport Science, Exercise and Health 

Louise Naylor


Humanities grc-hum@uwa.edu.auKieran Dolin
Indigenous Studies jill.milroy@uwa.edu.auJill Milroy
Law grc-law@uwa.edu.auAlex Gardner
Medical School  
 Paediatric and Child Healthgrc-med@uwa.edu.au Sunalene Devadason
 Royal Perth and Medical Research Foundationgrc-med@uwa.edu.au Erika Bosio
 Fiona Stanley and Medicinegrc-med@uwa.edu.au Dick Chi Fai Chan
 GP, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Emergency Medicine, Rural Clinical Schoolgrc-med@uwa.edu.auNahal Mavaddat
 Surgery & Medicine, Women and Infants' Healthgrc-med@uwa.edu.auNathan Pavlos
Molecular Sciences grc-sms@uwa.edu.au
 Reto Dorta
 Peter Arthur
Oceans Graduate School grc-ogs@uwa.edu.au 
 Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems Md. Shazzad Hossain
  Hugh Wolgamot
Physics, Mathematics and Computing grc-pmc@uwa.edu.au 

Gerhardt Meurer

Christopher Power 

Aaron Robotham 

 Physics  Mikhail Kostylev
 Physics  Vincent Wallace
 Mathematics and Statistics Thomas Stemler
 CSSE  Du Huynh
Population and Global Health grc-sph@uwa.edu.auKevin Murray
Psychological Science grc-sps@uwa.edu.au

Nicolas Fay  

Murray Maybery 

  Neil McLean
Social Sciences grc-ss@uwa.edu.au
Steven Maras

Laura Dales

Sam Han