Further information

Confirmation of enrolment

Confirmations of enrolment are mailed from mid-December.

Information sheet


A UWA student

Submission of your annual progress report acts as an application for re-enrolment.

  • Even if you are on suspension, you are still required to lodge an annual report.
  • The due date of your annual report is the anniversary of your enrolment.

Step one: Complete student section

Complete all student information in the Annual Report form. You will also need to provide a summary of your progress. Details of this appear in the form below.

Step two: Supervisor section

Arrange for your co-ordinating supervisor to complete the supervisor section of your annual report.

Your co-ordinating supervisor will need to consult any of your other supervisors to complete this section.

Step three: Lodge report by due date

Obtain all the appropriate signatures and submit the report to the Graduate Research Office by the due date.

You will be re-enrolled for the next academic year, if you:

  1. have made satisfactory progress
  2. do not have any outstanding debts to the University.

Re-enrolment for students who have not made satisfactory progress will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Coursework units

You will need to lodge a separate re-enrolment form each year to nominate coursework units in you are enrolled in combined/PhD programs, such as:


  • If you are suspended, you will not be re-enrolled until you notify the Graduate Research Office that you have returned to study.
  • If you miss the milestone due date, and have not submitted the outstanding milestone document (s) by 1 December, you will miss out on the automatic re-enrolment for the next year. You may incur a late enrolment fee.
  • Your re-enrolment cannot be processed if you have a debt with the University (such as a library fine) even if you have lodged your report on time. Clear any outstanding debts before, at the latest, the end of November of each year.