Further Information


Maternity and parental leave


You can apply to suspend candidature or you may be required to suspend your candidature.

You need to continue submitting annual reports while you are suspended. 

Applications to suspend can be made using the online forms available in StudentConnect. 

Standard suspension

If you have not exceeded your time limit, but need to spend time dealing with matters other than study, you can request a standard suspension.

  • You can request a suspension on the basis of personal or unforseen difficulties which may disrupt consistent work on a thesis.
  • You cannot suspend enrolment for more that 12 months during your candidature, but the board may approve to extend this limit in exceptional circumstances.
  • You will retain your candidature during the suspension, but will have a 'discontinued' status. Your pheme account, library access and student email will remain active during this period. However, international students on student visas will need to read their visa to check the implications of suspension, as most student visas require continuous, active enrolment. For further assistance with visa information please refer to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
  • You will still be required to lodge an annual report if it is due during your suspension.

All requests must be endorsed by your graduate research co-ordinator and supervisors using the Suspension of Candidature form.

Scholarship holders

For scholarship holders, application on this form will be interpreted as seeking approval for any changes from the Scholarships Committee.

Enrolment and scholarships must be suspended simultaneously.

Please consult the scholarships website for more information about special conditions that may apply to your scholarship or award.

If you are an international student, discuss the implications of an application for suspension with the  the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Scholarship holders must submit a stipend claim form so payments of scholarship will recommence.

Lodge annual reports while suspended

Your annual report is the mechanism by which the board assesses satisfactory progress.

Under normal circumstances you are given a grade of 'AC' (assessment continuing) based on your progress report.

You may not have a great deal to put in the report when you are suspended, but the act of lodging a report:

  • ensures we have your correct contact and other details
  • reassures the board and the school that you are intending to resume study when your suspension is over
  • acts as your application for re-enrolment.