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You can apply for travel funding of up to $1850 during your studies. 

The grants are awarded for travel relevant to research work, including:

  • field work
  • conferences
  • travel to gather research data.

The intention of these awards is to facilitate international and interstate travel for research purposes. Only in exceptional cases, and only for long distance travel, can they be used for travel within Western Australia.

How to apply

Fill out the application form below:

You can apply more than once for travel funds, however:

  • the minimum claim is $500
  • the maximum claim for travel within Australia is $750, including fares and subsistence
  • the maximum for travel overseas is $1850, including fares and subsistence.

These amounts can change without notice.

Travel report

When you return from your travel, you must complete a report within one month. Use the form below.

In exceptional circumstances, travel awards can be granted up to three months after you submit your thesis for examination. You need written support from your supervisor and Head of School.

Travel is voluntary

All travel is undertaken on a voluntary basis.

The University's approval of travel relates to its relevance to the research topic.

It in no way acts as a guarantee that it is safe or appropriate to travel to the nominated location.

For this reason it is suggested that if you are planning on travelling to areas where the potential for travellers to experience difficulties exists, you should consult federal government's Smart Traveller website.

You should also access a Healix membership card. UWA has an agreement with Healix to provide extended medical and safety assistance to staff and students undertaking study-related international travel. Download the Healix Travel Oracle Mobile app for easy access to emergency assistance when you are travelling.

Insurance advice

Information on the University's insurance policies for travelling is available from the Safety and Health website.

In the event of war or civil disturbance breaking out in a country to which you have travelled for the purposes of study, the University's travel insurance policies may cease to apply. You should seek advice from the University's Insurance Officer. You may, at your discretion, investigate alternative travel insurance policies. In this case insurance will become your responsibility.