As a postgraduate research student, you can request your own UWA business card.

This card must be approved by the Graduate Research School and paid for by you or your school on collection from UniPrint.

If paying for them personally, you can pay using cash or credit card. If the school is paying, you must provide Uniprint with a Job Requisition Form ("P Form") or supply the following information:

  • Business unit number
  • Project grant number
  • Name of authorising officer
  • Contact number

Ordering process

  1. Go to the UniPrint Online Ordering website.
  2. Click on the "UWA staff and students" button.
  3. Log on using the following details:
    • Username: [your student Pheme number]
    • Password: [your student Pheme password]
  4. Click the Configure button on the Postgraduate Student Business Cards item.
  5. Complete all details - you must select either Candidate for Masters or Candidate for PhD
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. You can view the on screen proof or a PDF version of the card which you can save to your computer or print if required. If you need to make any changes, click the Previous button, this will take you back to the previous screen to update your details.

    When you are satisfied with the details:

    1. Tick the I confirm… checkbox.
    2. If required, add any comments for UniPrint.
    3. Click the Add to Cart button.
  8. Click the Checkout Now button.
  9. Complete your payment method.

    Either use the credit card or UWA billing details method.

    For paying with UWA billing details, you will need the correct BU and PG number and the name, email and contact number for the School accounts contact.

  10. Click the Next and then Submit button.

You will be given a reference number. Please keep this number as UniPrint can use it to track your order.

Your business card request will be sent to the Graduate Research School for approval. Once it has been approved, UniPrint will produce your cards in their next business card production run. They will be delivered to the Uniprint campus shop for collection.

You will be contact by email when your business cards are ready for collection. Please note that the cards must be paid for on collection. If your school is paying for them but has not supplied a Job Requisition Form ("P Form") UniPrint will confirm by phone the billing details you have provided are correct.

Please note the process normally takes one week. If you have an urgent deadline, please note the date in the customer comments field.