Reporting of Research End User Engagement

The GRS is obliged to report to the government on all HDR student engagement with research end-users (REU). For these purposes research end-users are defined as an individual, community or organisation external to academia that will directly use or directly benefit from the output, outcome or results of the research. Organisations include businesses, government, non-governmental organisations, communities and community organisations. Universities and their affiliates or subsidiaries are not classed as research end-users.

The Graduate Research School requires notification of the details of HDR student participation in:

  • all research internships and work integrated experiential learning
  • any formal training in preparing for work with an REU including, but not limited to, training in IP, management/leadership, collaboration, entrepreneurship and research commercialisation. Training can be delivered by the REU or by a university or research organisation.
  • formal mentoring by an REU
  • other REU engagement activities either with or for an REU, such as practicums (workshops, seminars, meetings) or performances, R&D consultancy work, R&D commercialisation work, entrepreneurial activity, community engagement/outreach, and research extension work.

Applying for leave to engage with a Research End-User

Before undertaking any internship, work-integrated learning (WIL) and/or placement with a Research End-User you must < a href=" ">apply for leave from candidature.