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The Guidelines for Preparing Research Proposals are available in HTML, PDF and RTF formats.

The Research Proposal Guidelines ask you to:

Provide a list of the proposed supervisors and their percentage contribution to supervision.

Every student must have at least two UWA supervisors. You can find the definitions and details of UWA supervisor types in Section 4 of the Graduate Research Training Policy.

For each supervisor, include a brief description of their role and their percentage contribution to the project. You may find the Student Perception of Research Supervision (SPORS) questionnaire useful for comparing your expectations of supervision with your supervisors' expectations.

Example entry in this section

Principal and Co-ordinating supervisor W/Prof XXX (75%): Meetings every two weeks. Review of research progress at each meeting. Will provide feedback on drafts of each chapter as completed and one review of the final thesis. As co-ordinating supervisor, W/Prof XXX will be responsible for ensuring that all administration and reporting requirements from the supervisors are met. She will receive all correspondence from the Graduate Research School relating to the candidate, and is responsible for all communication with and between other supervisors.

Co-supervisor A/Prof YYY (25%): Meetings every second month with student and principal supervisor. Area of expertise is in ZZZ and will provide advice regarding this component of the project. Will provide one review of the final thesis.