Full review process

Research proposals are reviewed and approved by the Board of the Graduate Research School.

The review process generally takes about three to four weeks.

You will be notified by mail when your proposal has been approved. Your co-ordinating supervisor and head of school will also be informed.

Feedback before approval

A member of the Board of the Graduate Research School will review your research proposal.

The proposal may be approved without changes, or the reviewer may provide written feedback on revisions required before approval is granted.

A reviewer could comment on:

  • budget and funding
  • ethics and safety
  • conflicts of interest
  • suitability of proposed supervisors
  • appropriate use of references
  • acceptability as a piece of academic writing
  • scope, structure and originality
  • perceivable shortcomings in data analysis skills
  • problems with research design.
Flow chart detailing the review process for research proposals