3MT 2018 Winners and Judges

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT)™ competition develops academic and research communication skills.

Participants give an engaging and dynamic talk on their research topic to a non-specialist audience in just 3 minutes.

3MT 2018

Unibank logoThe 2018 UWA 3MT competition was held on 14 SEP 2018.

  • You can view the 2018 3MT preparation program here
  • Registrations to compete are here
  • The 2018 Asia-Pacific 3MT competition was held on 27 SEP at the University of Queensland. See more here
  • Read the Rules and Judging Criteria here.


Current research students, including those whose thesis is under examination, are eligible to compete.


Prizes include research and travel grants. They are awarded to the winner and the runner-up as selected by the judges, and to the Peoples' Choice winner selected by the audience.

Unibank is a major sponsor of the 2018 UWA 3MT.

Finalists in the 2018 competition are eligible for selection for a 2 month training internship with The Naked Scientists research communication program based at Cambridge University in the UK.

The Doctoral student whose talk is judged the best, will represent UWA at the Asia-Pacific 3MT at the University of Queensland in September.  


Contact Dr Krystyna Haq for further details about UWA 3MT.

Past 3MT events

The 2018 UWA 3MT was won by Ben McAllister, ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems, School of Physics; the runner up was Laura Skates from the School of Biological Sciences; People's Choice was Armin Scheben from the School of Biological Sciences and the TEDxUWA choice was Dennis Power from the School of Molecular Sciences.

The 2017 UWA 3MT was won by Gavrielle Untracht, Optical + Biomedical Engineering Lab, School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering. Wes Wilson from the Tumour Immunology Group in the School of Medicine was runner-up. Samuel Lymbery from the Centre for Evolutionary Biology, School of Biological Sciences was the Peoples Choice and Michael Bennett from the Law School was selected as the TEDxUWA Choice. 

The 2016 UWA 3MT competition was won by Michael Wheeler, School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health. The runner-up was Georgia Hay from the Business School. The People's Choice Award winner was Armin Scheben from the School of Plant Biology. The TEDxUWA Choice Award winner was David Gozzard from the School of Physics. The 2016 Asia Pacific 3MT was won by Joshua Chu-Tan from ANU.

The 2015 UWA 3MT competition was won by Marcus Giacci, School of Animal Biology. The 2015 Trans-Tasman competition was won by Eamonn Fahy, The University of Melbourne, "Catching the Silent Thief of Sight".

The 2014 Trans-Tasman competition was held at UWA. The winner was Sarah Marley, Curtin University "Say what? Coastal dolphins and noisy environments".

The 2013 Trans-Tasman 3MT Winner and Peoples' Choice Award Winner was Kelsey Kennedy from UWA.