The winner of the UWA 3MT competition is supported to represent UWA at the Asia-Pacific 3MT CompetitionTM at the University of Queensland. 

Finalists in 2018 are eligible for selection for a paid internship with the UK's "Naked Scientists" research communication program. 

The 2017 UWA 3MT was won by Gavrielle Untracht from the Optical + Biomedical Engineering Lab, School of electrical, electronic and computer engineering

Talks from previous 3MT Trans-Tasman competitors are available to view.

Finalists 2017

Gavrielle Untracht No hard feelings: using tissue stiffness for non-invasive cancer detection, Winner

Wes Wilson Looking forward, looking back: Western Australia's story of hope for Mesothelioma, Runner-up

Samuel Lymbery Males are less selfish when their relatives are around, People's choice

Michael Bennett Australian climate law in the era of the Paris agreement TEDxUWA Choice

Bronwyn Ayre The birds and the bees

Dennis Power Antibiotic resistance: welcome to the evolutionary arms race

Laura Skates Murderous plants and mysterious bugs

Arman Siavashi Heart attack and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)?!

Erika Roper Cockatoos in the Hood: fast food for urban living

Jae West "I deserve a treat": Does the reason why you exercise change your relationship to unhealthy food?

Why do it?

This event is fun, sociable and rewarding. To quote some competitors :

  • "Just do it. It's a lot of fun and you meet some really cool people."
  • "You spend more time procrastinating than what preparing your 3MT will take you."
  • "...[it] makes you remember why you got into [your research] in the first place and essentially provides a refreshed/positive/proud outlook.