Further Information

Some costs associated with printing and temporarily binding your work are paid by your school.

Temporary binding must be either thermal, spiral or clamp binding with a cover of cardboard, light card, heavy paper or plastic.

Ring or comb binding is recommended.

Binding can be carried out by:

If you choose these services, you should obtain a T-Form from your school specifically for the cost of the temporary binding.You can also choose an external company to bind your work.

Do not combine the cost of temporary and permanent binding on one form.

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Binding and printing costs

Your school is responsible for the following costs:

  • all paper costs
  • printing costs
  • labour and plastic materials for temporary binding
  • special items like colour plates or inserts.

You are responsible for:

  • all costs associated with draft copies.

Your school pays to print material elsewhere if it does not have adequate in-house printing facilities. Consult with your supervisors or heads of school about your printing needs, especially if you need to print in colour.

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