HDR Candidature Committee 2023

HDRCC Agenda Cut-Off Date for Receipt of Agenda Items
10AM TUE 24 January
Tue 3 January
10AM TUE 28 March
Tue 7 March
10AM TUE 23 May
Tue 2 May
10AM TUE 25 July
Tue 4 July
10AM TUE 26 September
Tue 5 September
10AM TUE 28 November
Tue 7 November


Professor Imelda Whelehan
Graduate Research School

Members appointed by the BGRS

Emeritus Professor Allan McKinley
Board of the Graduate Research School
Emeritus Professor Craig Atkins
Board of the Graduate Research School

Academic staff members (ideally GRC's)

Associate Professor Sunalene Devadason
Medical School
Dr Thomas Stemler
School of Physics, Mathematics & Computing
Professor Leigh Simmons
School of Biological Sciences
Professor Sharon Purchase
Business School
Associate Professor Ali Karrech
School of Engineering
Dr Nicolas Fay
School of Psychological Science

Associate Director of the GRS

Dr Marelize Ellis
Graduate Research School

Graduate Education Officer

Dr Joanne Edmondston
Graduate Education Officer

Executive Officer

Patricia Cardoso
Executive Assistant to the Dean - Graduate Research School