Enrolling SchoolSectionEmailGraduate Research Coordinator
Agriculture and Environment  [email protected] 
  Agriculture and Resource Economics Ram Pandit
  Environmental Science Roberta Bencini
 Plant and Animal Biology within SAgE; Institute of Agriculture Dominique Blache
 Centre for Excellence in Natural Resource Management (CENRM)[email protected]Paul Close
Allied Health [email protected] 
 Pharmacy and Podiatric Medicine Lee Yong Lim
 Social Work and Health Profession Education 

Mubarak Rahamathulla 

Biological Sciences [email protected] 
 Animal Biology Amanda Ridley
 Plant Biology Erik Veneklaas
Biomedical Sciences [email protected] Allison Imrie
Business School [email protected] 
 Accounting & Finance and Economics Michael McLure
 Management & Organisations and Marketing 

Sandra Kiffin-Petersen 

Centre for Ophthalmology and Visual Science (COVS)[email protected]Omar Kujan
Conservatorium of Music [email protected]Cecilia Sun
Dentistry [email protected]Omar Kujan
Design [email protected]

Darren Jorgensen

Earth Sciences[email protected]

Mark Jessell

Mick O'Leary

Michael Dentith
Engineering [email protected] 
 Chemical Engineering Einar Fridjonsson

Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering


 Hongwei An
  Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering Brett Nener
 Mechanical Engineering 

Adrian Keating

Elena Juan Pardo 

Graduate School of Education [email protected]Elaine Chapman
Human Sciences [email protected] 
 Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology Debra Judge
 Sport Science, Exercise and Health 

Louise Naylor


Humanities [email protected]Ned Curthoys
Indigenous Studies [email protected]Jill Milroy
Law [email protected]

Jacqueline Alderson

Michael Blakeney

Medical School  
 Paediatric and Child Health[email protected] Sunalene Devadason
 Royal Perth and Medical Research Foundation[email protected] Erika Bosio
 Fiona Stanley and Medicine[email protected] Dick Chi Fai Chan
 GP, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Emergency Medicine, Rural Clinical School[email protected]
 Surgery & Medicine, Women and Infants' Health[email protected]Nathan Pavlos
Molecular Sciences [email protected]
 Reto Dorta
 Robert Tuckey
Oceans Graduate School [email protected] 
 Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems Md. Shazzad Hossain
  Hugh Wolgamot
Physics, Mathematics and Computing [email protected] 

Christopher Power 

Aaron Robotham 

 Physics  Mikhail Kostylev
 Physics Chunnong Zhao
 Mathematics and Statistics Thomas Stemler
 CSSE  Du Huynh
Population and Global Health [email protected]Kevin Murray
Psychological Science [email protected]

Nicolas Fay  

Murray Maybery 

  Neil McLean
Social Sciences [email protected]
Geography and PlanningKirsten Martinus

Maia Ponsonnet