Examiners are asked to return their report within six weeks of receiving a thesis.

For examinations via HDRhub, examiners will receive an automated notification once the thesis examination commences and are advised of the six-week assessment period. If it becomes evident that this will not be possible, please notify us immediately.

For examinations managed outside of HDRhub, the reports and recommendation forms (including the scores for each of the six criteria) should be emailed to [email protected].

Please contact us directly with any queries.

Examiner Guidelines

Examiner Recommendation Forms

Number of examiners

The University requires:

  • PhD - three external examiners for thesis only examination and two external examiners for thesis and viva voce examination
  • Masters - two external examiners 

For further clarity on the eligibility of the examiners, please review the Criteria for potential examiners.

All communication with examiners during the examination process is conducted through the Graduate Research School.

Examiner disclosure

The names of examiners are not withheld from students.

The full set of examiners' reports are released directly to the student at the end of the examination as per the Board of the Graduate Research School policy.