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Terms of Candidature and other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Candidature Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    When is my Annual Progress Report due?
    Annual progress reports are due each year on the anniversary of your enrolment. This due date cannot be changed, therefore please allow sufficient time for your supervisor and Graduate Research Coordinator to review your report and make a recommendation on whether you are permitted to re-enrol.
    How do I apply for an extension to my Confirmation of Candidature?
    Doctoral candidates are enrolled conditionally for the first year (full-time equivalent) on the satisfactory completion of the Designated Tasks as listed in your Research Proposal, and a recommendation from your supervisor and Graduate Research Coordinator that you are on track to complete your thesis within your allocated time. If you have not completed all agreed tasks satisfactorily by the agreed time, your school may recommend an extension of time in which to complete all agreed tasks via the Confirmation of Candidature form. An extension of no more than three months may be granted in which to complete all agreed tasks. If an extension of three months is granted, an interim report will be required with your replanned Confirmation of Candidature.
    How do I change supervisors?
    You can request changes to your supervision team via HDRhub. All supervisors (external supervisors excluded), must be listed on the Register of Supervisors. An external supervisor with specific expertise of relevance to your research program may be appointed, however a CV for that person must be provided with your request.
    Do I need to apply for annual leave of less than four weeks within Australia?
    You do not need to notify the Graduate Research School of annual leave of less than four weeks within Australia, however you do need to apply and seek approval from your Coordinating supervisor via HDRhub. Students who intend to travel overseas for leave or research must apply for Absence via HDRhub.
    Can I enrol in another course at the same time as my PhD?
    A PhD student may, with the approval of the Board and the appropriate school, enrol concurrently in a diploma or other coursework program at this University. More information is available in the Course Rules under clause 10.1 to 10.5.
    Who can be on my advisory panel?
    All HDR students enrolled from January 2021 are assigned an advisory panel. Advisory panels are convened by the Graduate Research Coordinator (GRC), composed of a least one academic staff member other than the supervisors. The structure and membership of advisory panels, and their terms of reference, may vary from school to school and may be modified during candidature to cater to specific needs. More information about the Advisory Panel role and Terms of reference can be found here.
    How do I submit my forms or milestone documents to the GRS?
    Submit your forms or milestone documents electronically via HDRhub.
    I have ethics approval from an external body for my research, do I still need to get approval from relevant UWA ethics committee?
    Yes. If your research requires human and/or animal ethics, you must ensure that all necessary approvals from University ethics and other committees have been obtained prior to commencing any research that requires specific approval. This applies even if the research will be conducted externally to UWA, ie at another local institution, interstate or overseas. If you have secured ethics approval from another agency or institution, then this may only require endorsement of the external agency’s approval by the UWA AEC or the UWA HREC committee but it MUST be in place before you commence your research. Once you have obtained a reciprocal approval forward a copy to the GRS.
    I am enrolled part time, shouldn’t my annual report be due every 2 years?
    Annual Reports are due every year on the anniversary of your enrolment whether you are enrolled part time or full time.
    Where can I find information about writing my research proposal?
    The Research Proposal is a key requirement of your course. Your enrolment and candidature depend on its approval and further information is available on the Research Proposal requirements.
    How do I know who my GRC is?
    You will be able to find your GRC listed in your HDRhub profile. A complete list of GRCs is available online.
    Can I apply to change my enrolment to Part-time whilst my Candidature is on Extension?
    You are eligible to apply to change to Part-time at any time during the candidature, however the thesis submission due date will normally remain unaltered and remain as approved at the time of your Candidature Extension.
    I am relocating from Perth, so how do I apply for external enrolment?
    HDR students wishing to change to external enrolment must meet the conditions for external enrolment. Refer to Handbook rules for PhD students or Master students. Students in receipt of scholarships must discuss any application for a change in enrolment type with the Scholarships Team. Retrospective changes to enrolment status are not normally considered.
    What is my approved research proposal number?
    When applying for UWA ethics approval you will be asked to provide an “approved research proposal number”. You can simply answer “not applicable” as there is no research proposal number assigned for HDR students at UWA.
    Where can I find copy of theses submitted by UWA graduands?
    UWA Higher Degree theses ( can be accessed via the UWA Library. Most theses completed after 2003 are available through the UWA Profiles and Research Repository.
    What is my research classification?
    The Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) is a set of three related classifications used for the measurement and analysis of research and experimental development (R&D) statistics in Australia and New Zealand. The classifications can be downloaded from the ABS website.
    How do I appeal a decision or make a complaint?
    To review an academic decision relating to your candidature, examination, or scholarship award, and to appeal if dissatisfied with the outcome of that review, refer to the University policy on Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions for Courses Managed by the Graduate Research School. If you have concerns or complaints about your University experience, refer to the Student Complaint Resolution Policy. Complaints can be submitted to the Integrity and Standards Unit (ISU).

    Examination (including Viva Voce) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    I have found a typo error in my submitted thesis, can I provide a new version for examination?
    Once a thesis is submitted to the Graduate Research School, there is no change or update can be allowed until the examination is completed. However, you may update this in your final version after the thesis has been classified.
    Why my friend managed to complete his/her examination within three months, whereas mine has still not finished after four months of my thesis submission. Should I be worried?
    Even though we request examiners to return their reviews within 6 weeks, some examiners may ask for extensions due to their personal circumstances. The Graduate Research School follows up with examiners extensively for the overdue reviews. Once we have received all reviews, they will be reviewed and classified by the Board, which may take up to 4 weeks or longer depending on the consistency of the reports. The timeframe of 4-5 months is the average and can vary from student to student.
    I am planning on submitting my PhD thesis. If I cannot get a physical signature, would an electronic signature be all right?
    Electronic signatures are accepted but please do not use an Adobe 'digital' signature. If you would like to use an e-signature please insert an image of the written signature (also know as a 'wet' signature).
    What is the ideal margins for my thesis?
    Although there is no particular margin for e-copy as Graduate Research School does not require a hard bound copy, we recommend our students to set up a 4cm LHS margin, which is not only to give examiners lots of space to write any comments they might have when examining the thesis, but also allow UniPrint to print and bind your thesis should you, your supervisor and/or your School want a traditionally bound hard copy of your final corrected thesis.
    My thesis is ready for submission, but my Nomination of Examiners form is still not ready. Can I sumbit my thesis first?
    Yes, you can submit your thesis to the Graduate Research School first, while you and your supervisors are still working on the Nomination of Examiners form.
    Will we know who the UWA Chair for my viva voce be beforehand and when?
    During the nonimation of examiners stage, your supervisor/GRC will nominate a potential Chair on the Nomination of Examiners form. This Chair may or may not be the actual Chair depending on the availability. It is just a suggestion to the Graduate Research School only. You will be notified who the Chair is once the Board of Graduate Research School has approved your viva voce to proceed.
    Will the viva voce take place during the office hours only?
    Normally GRS schedules the viva voce between 8.30am -5.30pm. However, due to time zone differences, you may have to do the viva voce out of office hour.
    When will I know the outcome of my viva voce?
    The Chair will verbally inform you of the outcome after the session. However, the official outcome will be forwarded to you after the Board of Graduate Research School has classified your thesis.
    Can my Coordinating/Principal superviosr sign off on behalf of other co-authors in the final version contribution tables?
    Whenever possible we ask our students to obtain the signatures from all the co-authors. However, in a case if all signatures cannot be obtained, your Coordinating can sign on behalf but we require and explanation and statement from your Coordinating supervisor of why the signatures cannot be obtained and whether the co-authors have given their permission for the publication(s) to be included in the thesis. For further information please visit our website:
    Can I use Dr title after my submission of the final version of thesis?
    The Dr title can only be used after the degree is conferred at the graduation ceremony.
    How long will my email account stays active after graduation?
    Your student account will stay unchanged for 12 months after graduation. After 12 months, accounts will be deactivated, however, all UWA graduates may apply for free Affiliate library membership: UWA Graduates membership includes online access to an array of online research databases to support ongoing scholarly interests and professional development.

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    You can check your enrolment details via StudentConnect, where you can also update your contact address, bank details and obtain graduation information.

    Australian Government RTP Scholarships

    The annual value of the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Fees Offset Scholarship at UWA is approximately $33,500, and is subject to change in future years.

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