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Enrolment types


Getting an extension

Students at an entrance to Winthrop HallMaster's by research and PhD students are sent an authority to enrol letter when an offer of candidature is made.

You need to visit the Graduate Research and Scholarships Office in person on the day you want to formally commence your candidature, to check and sign your enrolment form.

You remain enrolled throughout candidature, submitting an an annual progress report each year.

Enrolling in coursework units

You can enrol in up to 24 points of coursework units concurrently with a research higher degree, if the board considers the coursework units necessary for successful completion of the research higher degree program.

Requests to add coursework units to an enrolment must be endorsed by supervisors and your graduate research co-ordinator. Please submit your request for addition of a coursework unit using the online form available in studentConnect or using the form below.

If more than 24 points of coursework are necessary to complete a research higher degree program, you need to complete the units:

  • as part of an approved preliminary program
  • via continuing education before enrolment in a research higher degree program.