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Winthrop Hall

Research students can be enrolled full-time, part-time, externally or internally. Students are normally enrolled internally.

  • Internal students study in an approved University school on campus for most or all of their candidature, except for approved periods.
  • External students are those who cannot conduct research and study at UWA for most or all of their period of candidature as a result of their location.

Students who are enrolled externally must normally spend no less than 13 weeks on campus during their candidature, by negotiation with their supervisors and school.

Students who wish to apply for external enrolment should discuss with their supervisors, how the project and supervision will be managed. A 'Supervision Plan' will need to be submitted together with a 'Change of attendance mode' application via HDRhub.

Scholarship conditions

If you hold a scholarship or award, special conditions will likely apply to your enrolment. Consult the conditions of your scholarship or award, that were sent to you at the time of offer.