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Joint enrolment
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Change of school

If you want to change school, you should, if possible, discuss it first with all supervisors and graduate research co-ordinators involved in the proposed change.

Requests to change school must be submitted to the Graduate Research and Scholarships Office.

  • Some master's degrees may only be taken through certain schools, so a change of school is not always possible.
  • For example, the Master of Fine Arts may only be taken in the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts.

Transfer to a new school must be approved by the graduate research co-ordinator of the new school.

Joint enrolment

If you enrol in two schools, you have a joint enrolment. Both schools are on your academic record, and both graduate research co-ordinators are responsible for your progress.

If you are enrolled in two schools, all applications to vary candidature must be approved by both co-ordinating supervisors and graduate research co-ordinators, and submitted to the Graduate Research and Scholarships Office.

  • You can not enrol in more than two schools.
  • Funding is split 50/50 between schools. It is not possible to split funding in any other proportion. However, from 2009, completion funding can be split between schools in other proportions by signed agreement of both schools. This information is collected in the research proposal, at changes of enrolment and when your thesis is submitted.
  • Funding arrangements for joint supervisors are somewhat different.