Further information

Enrolment type

A supervisor and a student give a lecture

You can change supervisors or invite an additional person to act as a supervisor during your candidature.

Discuss your request with your current and intended supervisors, and Graduate Research Co-ordinator. An application for change of supervisor must be submitted online via HDRhub.

Types of supervisors

For a summary of supervisor types, please see the definitions section of the Graduate Research Training Policy.

Joint supervisors

If you are enrolled in one school - your "home" school - you may still have supervisors based in different schools. The number of schools from which supervisors may come is not limited.

Funding arrangements

Joint supervision does not result in any adjustment of funding by the University.  All of the funding for that candidate will go to the "home" school.

If schools agree that some payment should be made to the "joint" supervisors school as a result of the supervision, the amount is negotiated between the two schools and the payment is arranged internally.