As part of their milestone requirements, all HDR students must complete the DELNA Screening within 10 weeks of enrolling. HDR students who do not reach the minimum score in the Screening will subsequently complete a lengthier language diagnosis and, if required, undertake an appropriate English language enrichment program. Students’ performances in both the DELNA Screening and Diagnostic assessments will not exclude them from the course they are already enrolled in, nor will the results appear on their academic record.

    DELNA screening

    All HDR candidates begin with the 30-minute DELNA Screening, which is done only once. The Screening is a computer-based assessment consisting of vocabulary and timed reading tasks. The Screening task is invigilated and occurs at a designated on-campus location every month.

    Your results

    Your results will be emailed to you and your coordinating supervisor with instructions about what to do next.

    • You may be told that your academic language skills are appropriate for beginning a graduate research degree.
    • OR you may be told that your academic language skills are satisfactory, in which case you will be given details of where to access academic writing and language development programs at UWA.
    • OR you may be asked to book a time to undertake the DELNA Diagnosis. The Diagnosis will provide you with a detailed profile of your current academic writing skills.

    DELNA diagnosis

    The DELNA Diagnosis is done with pen and paper and consists of a reading and writing task. The DELNA Diagnosis will take approximately 30 minutes and is, again, done under invigilation.

    Your results

    Approximately two weeks after your assessment you will receive an email containing your DELNA language profile. You may be asked to make an appointment with a Graduate Education Officer to discuss your results. The Graduate Education Officer will explain the assessment results and outline appropriate language enrichment that must be undertaken if recommended to do so. Language enrichment recommendations are treated as a milestone to be achieved during the first year of candidature and, for PhD students, to fulfil confirmation of candidature requirements.

    Off-campus HDR candidates

    Please contact Dr Michael Azariadis, UWA DELNA Coordinator for more information.

    HDR students with disabilities

    If you have a disability or medical condition which makes it difficult to complete the DELNA Screening under regular conditions alternative arrangements can be made. These may involve extra time, the use of specialised equipment or other adjustments based on need. In the first instance please contact the UWA DELNA coordinator on the contact details below. We will work with UniAccess to ensure you receive the assistance you require to be able to complete this assessment.


    Dr Michael Azariadis
    UWA DELNA Coordinator
    [email protected]
    +61 8 6488 1726