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Robert Street Prize

Awarded for the most outstanding thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy each year.

The award honours the career of Emeritus Professor Robert Street, AO, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Western Australia (1978–86) and eminent physicist.

NameYearThesis TitleResearch Area
Dr John Host1996Narratives of the Past or Histories of the Present? Myth, Meaning and the Mid-Victorian Labour ExperienceHistory
Dr Peter Burton1997Glucocorticoid Metabolism in the Rat Placenta and UterusAnatomy and Humany Biology
Dr Patrick Wheatley1998The Genesis of a King: the early life of Demetrius Poliorcetes, 336-306 B.C.History
Dr Tony Hughes-d'Aeth1999An atlas of a difficult world: A picturesque atlas of Australasia 1886-1888English
Dr Thomas Ridsdill-Smith2000The application of the wavelet transform to the processing of aeromagnetic dataMathematics and Statistics
Dr Nicholas Anstey2001Nitric oxide and malariaPharmacology
Dr John Hunt2002The evolution of parental care in the dung beetle Onthophagus taurusZoology
Dr Suhejla Hoti2003Modelling the riskiness in country risk ratingsEconomics
Dr Eric May2004An advanced microwave apparatus for the measurement of phase behaviour in gas condensate fluidsPhysics
Dr Simon Young2005The trouble with tradition: Menagerie theory in judicial understandings of native titleLaw
Dr Amanda Hooper2006Genetics, biochemistry and postprandial lipoprotein metabolism in familial hypobetalipoproteinaemiaPathology
Dr Paul Stanwix2007Testing local Lorentz invariance in electrodynamicsPhysics
Dr Ionat Zurr2008Growing semi-living artVisual Arts
Dr Michael Rix2009Taxonomy and systematics of the Australian Micropholcommatidae (Arachnida, Araneae)Animal Biology
Dr Helena Viola2010How does the L-type Ca2+ channel regulate mitochondrial function in the heartMedicine
Dr Chandrakumar Balaratnasingam2011Interaction of optic nerve axonal transport and cytoskeletal changes in glaucomaMedicine
Dr Daniel Creedon2012Effects of electron spin resonance in cryogenic sapphire whispering gallery mode maserPhysics
Dr Tracy Kinsella2013Dead Reckoning (Creative component)  Crime and the parvenu: transgression in narratives of upward mobility (dissertation)Social Sciences
Dr Benjamin Grafton2014Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: The Attentional Basis of Positive Emotional DispositionPsychology
Dr Munawar Hayat2015Learning Techniques for Multi-Modal Facial AnalysisComputer Science
Dr Clint Bracknell2016Natj Waalanginy (What Singing?):Nyungar song from the South-West of Western AustraliaMusic
Dr Karl Grob2017Surgical exposure of the hip joint and femur with a special emphasis on the architecture and function of the quadriceps muscle group and femoral blood supplyHuman Sciences
Dr Rowan Lymbery2018Sperm competition and gamete interactions in a marine broadcast spawnerAnimal Biology
Dr Michael Wheeler2019Understanding the combined effects of exercise and sedentary behaviour on cognitive, metabolic and vascular function in older adultsHuman Sciences
Dr India Ella Dilkes-Hall202047,000 years of Aboriginal plant use and monsoon rainforest connections in the Kimberley, northwest AustraliaSocial Sciences
Doctor Charlie McLeod2021Improving the methodology for Patient-centred trials in cystic fibrosis (IMPACT-CF)Medicine