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Research Proposal

The research proposal is a key requirement of your course. Your enrolment and candidature depend on approval of this proposal.

Due date

From your commencement date, you must submit your approved research proposal to the GRS within:

Review & HDRhub submission process

Your research proposal will be reviewed by your advisory panel and approved by your Graduate Research Coordinator. The specific details your advisory panel are asked to address are available here. Your proposal may be approved without changes or revisions may be required. If these revisions are substantial, you may need to resubmit your proposal for a second round review by your advisory panel.

Once your proposal has been approved by your advisory panel, you will submit your approved proposal to the Graduate Research School in HDRhub. Please ensure that you allow sufficient time for your proposal to be reviewed to ensure your proposal is received by your research proposal milestone due date. 

Please contact your School's GRC well ahead of your submission deadline to ascertain your School's specific Procedures. When your school approves your research proposal they are confirming:

Special requirements for upgrading and transferring students

You need to submit the research proposal coversheet and a research proposal following the research proposal guidelines with your application for candidature if you are:

For more information, refer to regulations governing research higher degrees.

Further information