3MT 2022 Participants

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT)? program develops research communication skills

Competitors give an engaging and dynamic talk on their research topic to a non-specialist audience in just 3 minutes


Prizes: Prizes include research grants. They are awarded to the winner and the runner-up as selected by the judges, and to the Peoples' Choice winner selected by the audience. The doctoral student whose talk is judged the best, will represent UWA at the Asia-Pacific 3MT competition. Finalists will also be selected to enter the Matariki 3MT competition

Contacts: Contact a Graduate Education Officer for further details about 3MT

Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition

Trans-Tasman 3MT finalists The Asia-Pacific 3MT competition, developed by the University of Queensland, is open to Australian, New Zealand and a select number of Asian institutions. In 2014, the Australian 3MT competition was expanded to include New Zealand and the final was held at UWA. In 2015, UWA's Marcus Giacci, from the School of Animal Biology was selected as one of 10 finalists in a strong field of 50 competitors. In 2016, the competition was expanded even further to become the Asia Pacific 3MT. The rules, eligibility criteria, registration form and prize details for the Asia Pacific 3MT are available here

The Doctoral student (including thesis under examination) whose talk is judged to be the best will be UWA's entrant in the Asia-Pacific 3MT. A Masters student may win the UWA 3MT but is ineligible for the Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition.

Talks from previous 3MT Trans-Tasman competitors are available here.


Many thanks for the continued support of this event by our sponsor Uniprint.

Past 3MT events

  • 3MT 2018 Winner
  • 3MT 2018 Runner Up
  • 3MT 2018 Competitors
  • 3MT 2018 Peoples Choice
  • 3MT 2018 TEDx Winner

UWA 3MT 2022 was won by Lucia C. Neco, School of Humanities, who was also awarded the TEDx UWA award and represented UWA at the Asia Pacific 3MT 2021 Competition. The runner up was Jessica Baker, School of Biomedical Sciences who was also voted the People's Choice Award. Lucia and Pratikshya Kandel represented UWA at the Matariki Network of Universities' 3MT competition. 

UWA 3MT 2021 was won by Amira Allahham, School of Biomedical Sciences, who represented UWA at the Asia Pacific 3MT 2021 Competition. The runner up was Sarah de la Harpe, School of Psychological Science. Camilla Soravia, School of Biological Science was the winner of the TEDx UWA award. Varshini Jayantha Kumar, School of Molecular Science, was voted the People's Choice Award. Varshini and Eric Alves, School of Human Science, represented UWA at the Matariki Network of Universities' 3MT competition.

UWA 3MT 2020 was won by Chayan Chatterjee, School of Physics, who also won the People's Choice Award. The runner up was Courtney Weber, School of Population and Global Health, who was also the TEDx UWA choice. Olivia Johnston, Graduate School of Education was selected to join Chayan and Courtney as UWA's entries to the Matariki Network of Universities' 3MT competition.

The 2019 3MT winner, and People's Choice and Matariki Network 3MT winner was Katarina Doughty, School of Biological Sciences. The runner-up was Danielle Fynn, School of Psychological Sciences. James Youd, School of Humanities, joined Katarina and Danielle as UWA entrants in the 2019 Matariki Network of University's 3MT competition. Jessica Kerr from the Law School was the 2019 TEDX UWA choice.

UWA 3MT 2018 was won by Ben McAllister, School of Physics; the runner up was Laura Skates from the School of Biological Sciences; People's Choice was Armin Scheben from the School of Biological Sciences and the TEDxUWA choice was Dennis Power from the School of Molecular Sciences.

UWA 3MT 2017 was won by Gavrielle Untracht, School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering. Wes Wilson, School of Medicine, was runner-up. Samuel Lymbery, School of Biological Sciences, was the Peoples Choice and Michael Bennett from the Law School was selected as the TEDxUWA Choice.

UWA 3MT 2016 was won by Michael Wheeler, School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health. The runner-up was Georgia Hay from the Business School. The People's Choice Award winner was Armin Scheben from the School of Plant Biology. The TEDxUWA Choice Award winner was David Gozzard from the School of Physics.

UWA 3MT 2015 was won by Marcus Giacci, School of Animal Biology.

The 2013 Trans-Tasman 3MT Winner and Peoples' Choice Award Winner was Kelsey Kennedy from UWA.