ACRI9000 consists of 11 modules in total - two Academic Conduct modules and quizzes and nine Research Integrity modules and quizzes. Each module should take you about 30 minutes to complete. You have six months from enrolment to complete the unit.

At the end of each module is a 10 question multiple-choice quiz. When you score 80% or more on a quiz, the next module and quiz will become available to you. You can take the quizzes as many times as needed to achieve a pass score of 80%.

When you have successfully completed the quiz for module 11, you have successfully completed the unit. 

Upon completion of the course, three optional modules will appear:

  1. Responsible conduct of human participants research
  2. The care and use of animals in research
  3. Intellectual property

Although these modules are not compulsory and are not assessed, you are encouraged to complete one or more if they are relevant to you.

ACRI9000 Frequently asked questions and answers

Where can I find the details of ACRI9000?
The ACRI9000 unit details are available in the UWA Handbook.
Do I need to complete ACRI9000?
All UWA students commencing in a new HDR course at UWA are required to complete ACRI9000 and will be automatically enrolled in the unit. This applies to students studying onshore or offshore. Exchange students are not required to complete ACRI9000.
I'm enrolled in a joint/co-tutelle/double-badged PhD at UWA and another national or international university. Do I need to complete ACRI9000?
Yes you required to complete ACRI9000 within the first six months of your enrolment at UWA if you are enrolled in a joint/co-tutelle/double-badged PhD.
Where can I find ACRI9000?
First, check whether you are enrolled in ACRI by going to studentConnect and looking at your current enrolment statement. If ACRI doesn't appear on your enrolment list, you may not be required to complete ACRI9000 in the current teaching period. Check your enrolment again in a few weeks to see if you have been enrolled in the next ACRI9000 teaching period. If you are enrolled in the unit, check which teaching period you are enrolled in. ACRI9000 will appear in your LMS units list about one week before the semester starts. If ACRI9000 does not appear in your LMS units list, please email us. Be sure to include your full name and student number in your correspondence.
How long does it take to complete the entire ACRI9000 unit?
The unit has 11 core modules and quizzes and takes approximately 5-6 hours to complete.
When do I need to complete ACRI9000 by?
All students, both part-time and full-time, commencing an HDR course on or after April 1 2021 are required to complete ACRI9000 within the first six months of their candidature.
I am a part-time student, do I get extra time to complete ACRI9000?
No. Irrespective of whether you are enrolled part-time or full-time, you are required to complete the ACRI9000 within their first six months of enrolment. Ideally you will complete all 11 modules within the first teaching period you are enrolled in ACRI9000.
I completed a few ACRI9000 module quizzes but the teaching period ended before I could complete all 11 quizzes. If I am enrolled in a new teaching period, will I be able to start from where I left off?
If you have started ACRI9000, ideally you will complete all 11 modules and quizzes within the teaching period you are enrolled in. Unfortunately your quiz marks cannot be carried across from one teaching period to the next. You will need to start again from Module 1 if you are enrolled in a new teaching period.
How do I know if I have passed ACRI9000?
You need to achieve at least 80% for every one of the 11 ACRI9000 module quizzes to pass the unit. You can take attempt each quiz as many times as you need to pass the quizzes. When you pass the first quiz, the second module and quiz will be released. When you have completed the final quiz for module 11, you will have successfully completed all of the module quizzes, and you have passed the unit. You have up to six months to pass the unit but within the teaching period you are enrolled to complete ACRI. You can check whether you have passed ACRI by selecting My Grade from the left-hand menu of the ACE homepage in LMS. You will see UP (Ungraded Pass) if you have successfully passed the unit or NC (Non Complete) if you have not completed the unit.
What are the consequences of not passing ACRI9000 by the due date?
If you do not successfully complete ACRI9000 within the teaching period that you are first enrolled, you will be automatically re-enrolled in the unit for the next teaching period. If you do not complete ACRI within the first six months of commencement, your candidature may be probationary and you may not be automatically re-enrolled for the next academic year in your HDR program. You must complete ACRI9000 within the first six months of candidature in order to continue your HDR candidature. Reminder emails will be sent to your UWA student email account.
Will my ACRI9000 quiz scores appear on my academic record?
ACRI9000 is an ungraded unit and will be recorded on your academic transcript as either an Ungraded Pass (UP) or a Not Complete (NC) grade. The scores you obtained for each quiz and the number of attmpts you made to obtain a pass in each quiz, will NOT appear on your transcript. All results are uploaded to your studentConnect record approximately three weeks after the end of the teaching period. Results will not appear in studentConnect before this time.