Getting started

First days after Enrolment - Read the GRS 10 Steps Guide for the first day of enrolment and complete the GRS Online Induction - this will prepare you well for your years ahead.

10 Step Guide

Any questions remaining? Contact a GEO.

Other UWA resources: Complete the short online ACE and CARS courses hosted by the UWA Library and the Health & Safety and Research Integrity courses available in LMS. These courses will ensure you understand UWA's fundamental expectations of academic conduct, communication and research Skills, safety and research integrity.

Complete DELNA. The results of this writing assessment will allow the GRS to link you to the appropriate academic writing and language development programs at UWA.

Link in with STUDYSmarter whose services are all fully online for all UWA students. Download their guides to self-directed learning and join the UWA Study Success Community in LMS.

Early stages of candidature

Write your Research Proposal - Read through our booklets, the step-by-step guide to preparing and submitting research proposals provided on our webpages, and Zoom in to our Research Proposal webinar. Any questions remaining? Contact a GEO.

HASS Research Skills STEM Research Skills

Explore the wide range of Professional Development opportunities at UWA - Use of online GRS Researcher Training Framework to help you identify and develop skills for your research project and your future career.

Other UWA Resources: Browse the UWA Library Researcher Support and Zoom into the Library Research Support Workshops and Seminars.

Mid stages of candidature

Develop your Academic Writing - Work through our wide range of GRS Academic Writing booklets and advice sheets. Contact a GEO for feedback on a short section of your writing.

Prepare a Literature Review - Read through our Reading Strategies & Literature Review booklets.

HASS Academic Writing STEM Academic Writing Resource Sheets

Improve your Presentation Skills - Read through our Conference Skills booklets.

Increase your Research Productivity - Work through our Research Productivity Booklet.

Presentation Skills Research Productivity

Other UWA Resources: Complete a online course with LinkedIn Learning - the courses are free and certified.

Late stages of candidature

Develop your Thesis Writing - Work through our Thesis Writing booklet. Contact a GEO if you have any questions about your thesis.

Prepare for you Viva Voce - Work through our Preparing for Your Viva booklet and explore the advice provided on the GRS Viva Voce webpages. Contact a GEO if you have any questions about your thesis.

Thesis Writing Viva Voce Booklet Viva Voce Advice

Understand Thesis Examination - Explore the advice provided on the GRS Thesis webpages and Zoom in to our Thesis Q&A webinar.

Thesis Advice

Software support

Learn NVivo - The GRS NVivo Workshop will shortly be develop for online delivery.

Improve your MS Word Skills - Learn about the functions provided in MS Word that can help you produce a thesis document in our GRS MS Word for Thesis Writers booklet

MS Word for Theses

Other UWA Resources: Zoom into HackyHour to collaborate on solving data and software problems


UWA has a wide range of Support Services, including Zoom Counselling Sessions provided by psychologists who are familiar with the pressures of postgraduate research. Explore the full range of care and support offered at UWA.

Individual Zoom appointments with a GEO

At any time in candidature, you are always welcome to book an individual appointment with a Graduate Education Officer.

The GEOs can who can discuss any aspect of your candidature with you, from writing your research proposal, thesis, or journal paper, managing your research progress, through to preparing for your examination and future career planning.

Contact us to book an appointment - we can discuss any questions you have by phone, email or Zoom. If you're new to Zoom, let us know and we'll step you through the setup and participation process.

In addition, the GEOs can arrange a HDR student Zoom meeting for students who are feeling isolated. If you wish to connect with other HDR students, contact Dr Jo Edmondston who will provide you with the meeting details.