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The University of Western Australia's Centre for Applied Statistics provides a free statistical advice service for postgraduate research students at UWA.

The Centre is housed within the School of Mathematics and Statistics.


All students must make an appointment for the postgraduate clinic. A set number of appointments are available throughout the week. Please use our request form to make an appointment.

This service runs all year around, including non-semester time, except University holidays.



You must currently be enrolled in a postgraduate research course (i.e a Masters or PhD course eligible for Research Training Program funding) at the University. If you are enrolled in a Masters by coursework with a research component, you may seek help for the research component of your course. Assistance with coursework will not be provided.

What if I need someone to do some statistical analysis for me?

The purpose of the clinic is to provide advice and training. Additional consulting services outside the scope of the clinic are offered on a fee-paying basis. Students must also provide approval from their supervisor before receiving consulting services.

I want to learn more about statistical methods. Can you help?

The Centre for Applied Statistics runs 2-4 day short courses in statistics throughout the year.