There are 10 steps in the thesis examination process.

A completed Nomination of Thesis Examiners form and a copy of the thesis abstract should be submitted to the Graduate Research School at least three weeks before the intended thesis submission date.

Step one

Once examiners are approved and a thesis submitted, the Graduate Research School sends an electronic copy to the examiners. Theses are sent for examination as soon as possible after the nominated examiners are approved.

You will remain enrolled during the examination period but your enrolment status will change to 'discontinued'. Your pheme account, library access and student email will be active for the examination and corrections period. 

Step two

You can follow the progression of your thesis examination in your milestones on Student Connect. An ‘Examiner Report’ milestone will be added for each examiner. If an examiner requests additional time the milestone will change to ‘replanned’ with a new due date. As the reports are received these milestones will change to achieved.

If you do not have access to student connect please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Step three

The examination process normally takes four to five months, however due to the nature of the process, may take longer. Examiners are asked to provide a written report six weeks from the date of receipt of a thesis, however may request additional time. The Graduate Research School communicates extensively with examiners and follows up outstanding examiners’ reports as a priority, however we are not able to provide details of this or about the content of the reports we have received, during the examination process.

Step four

On receipt of all reports, the board decides on a classification. The school will be contacted if the board requires school comments on the reports.

It usually takes three weeks for classification (by circulation to board members). However, if the case requires discussion at a full board meeting, the process may be delayed. Staff are not permitted to provide further details of this process.

Step five

All parties are notified in writing when a thesis is classified.

The thesis and a copy of the examiners' reports are sent to the co-ordinating supervisor. Copies of the examiners' reports are also forwarded to the Graduate Research Co-ordinator or Head of School, supervisors and student.

If the thesis is to be resubmitted, steps one through four are repeated. Schools are asked to contact the appropriate examiners to determine their willingness to examine

Step six

Theses must be certified as correct within four months from being classified by the board . You are advised of the date.

Step seven

If the thesis is passed subject to revision, make any necessary revisions.

Step eight

A Certification of Final Version of Thesis form and Abstract must be signed by the student, supervisors, and graduate research co-ordinator or Head of School, and submit to [email protected], even for theses awarded a straight pass. Follow the submission of final version procedure.

Step nine

In the cases when the board requests you to submit a detailed outline of corrections made to the thesis.This must be lodged along with an electronic copy containing a track change of your thesis. Consult writing a report of thesis revisions for the board.

Step ten

Register for graduation with the graduation officer in Student Administration, Student Central.

Permanent binding is no longer required, but you may do so by arranging directly with the Uniprint.