If you are required to revise your thesis for final approval, write a report of the changes you make.

The report helps supervisors, graduate research co-ordinators, heads of school and the Board of the Graduate Research School assess whether the revisions are appropriate and adequate.

Sometimes the board specifically requests a report of revisions. You are also required to write one if your thesis has been classified as resubmit.

Writing the report

  1. List the examiners' recommendations and indicate your actions for each.
  2. State whether you have adopted the recommendations and summarise complex changes, providing page numbers.
  3. If you disagree with a recommendation, provide sufficient detail so a reader outside your immediate discipline can understand your argument.

Making the revisions

The board does not expect students to simply make all the revisions recommended by all the examiners.

Examiners' reports vary widely in structure and level of detail, and they may also contradict each other in some respects, as examiners often have different perspectives on the quality of the thesis.

The board often leaves it to students and supervisors to determine what revisions are appropriate. Sometimes the board directs students to pay particular attention to the report of one of the examiners.