1. Intention to submit

For students whose courses are administered by the Graduate Research School, your records will be on HDRhub and the Intention to Submit is shown as a milestone approximately 3 months (or 6 months if part-time) prior to your maximum submission date. You must lodge an Intention to Submit form on HDRhub to commence the examination workflow.

If you are submitting before the minimum submission date (early submission), please include the reason(s) and your Coordinating Supervisor will be requested to provide a detailed supporting statement in the form.

If your expected submission date is later than the maximum submission date, you will need to lodge an Extension of Candidature request and have it approved before you proceed with this form. Please note that if you are a full fee paying international student or do not have additional scholarship entitlements, there will be fee implications when you extend your candidature time limit.

Once the Intention to Submit is approved, this will inform supervisors that the thesis is at the final stage, and to start looking for suitable examiners. You may also commence preparations to submit your thesis.

If you are enrolled in one of the following School-owned courses, your examination will be managed by GRS outside of HDRhub and will not include an Intention to Submit milestone. Please refer to further details under the Thesis submission and Nomination of Examiners headers.

  • Doctor of Social Work (10970)
  • Doctor of Education (30810)
  • Doctor of Podiatry (90820)
  • Master of Aboriginal Health (90690)
  • Master of Child Health Research (91610)
  • Master of Clinical Research (90620)
  • Master of Education (31700)
  • Master of Educational Leadership (31650)
  • Master of Exercise Science (51610)
  • Master of Health Professions Education (90670)
  • Master of Rural and Remote Medicine (90680)
  • Master of Surgery (90660)

2. Thesis Submission

Once the Intention to Submit form is approved via HDRhub, you will be able to access the thesis submission form in your examination workflow.

If you are enrolled in a School-owned course and your examination is managed outside of HDRhub, complete the thesis submission form and email it together with a copy of your thesis to [email protected].

Students will be required to undergo at least one of the following processes of critical review within the School before submission:

  • Oral presentation or defence at school seminar
  • Assessment by the student?s Advisory Panel
  • Assessment by the Graduate Research Coordinator and/or Head of School

Please ensure that you also refer to your School's website or course rules for any requirements that you must meet prior to submission.

The thesis must be uploaded in an electronic PDF format. A temporarily bound copy of your thesis is no longer required unless your examiner requests for it.

Ensure your thesis includes the required declarations and signatures. A proforma for the front pages of your thesis that includes these declarations is available here.

Upon approval, you can collect a special red/blue mug from GRS reception by making an appointment via [email protected] with a subject line "Mug Collection". Appointments can be made during our opening hours between 9am to 5pm.

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3. Nomination of Examiners

The Nomination of Examiners form will be made accessible to your Coordinating Supervisor on HDRhub after the Intention to Submit is approved.

If you are enrolled in a School-owned course and your examination is managed outside of HDRhub, the Nomination of Examiner form will need to be submitted to [email protected] for processing.

The Coordinating Supervisor is expected to contact examiners to secure their agreement to examine and to advise if there is a viva voce component via Zoom. Please refer to the 5 steps required for supervisors to undertake when nominating examiners.

Supervisors and Graduate Research Coordinators will need to declare that the nominated examiners comply with the eligibilities listed in the Guidelines on Conflict of Interest and Independence of Examiners.

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4. Viva Voce

All commencing Doctor of Philosophy candidates from January 2018 are required to undertake a viva voce which will take place approximately 12 to 14 weeks after the Thesis Submission and Nomination of Examiners forms are approved. For further information, please refer to our viva voce guidelines.

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5. Enrolment status after submission

During the examination period, your enrolment status will be 'inactive' (no fees will be incurred during this time) but your Pheme account, library access and student email will remain active.

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6. Final version (post-examination)

Students are provided up to 3 months to correct and submit their final thesis version based on the examiners? recommendations and reports. Please ensure that you follow the 5 step guide to submission of the final version of your thesis.

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7. Further information

Re-submit classification outcome

Depending on the recommendation of your examiners and the Board of the Graduate Research School?s decision, you may be asked to resubmit your thesis after further work has been completed. You will be notified in writing of the procedure for resubmission of a thesis.

Submitting your thesis as a series of papers