1. Prepare thesis abstract

You will receive an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement to accompany your testamur. This will include an abstract of your thesis up to a maximum of 100 words. You are responsible for the accuracy of the wording of the thesis abstract, which cannot be changed once submitted. As the abstract will be public information, it must not include any personal or restricted information. Please do not include symbols or special characters unless necessary.

If your examination is managed via HDRhub, please include a summary of your thesis, up to 100 words in the Certification of final thesis form in your examination workflow.

If your examination is managed outside of HDRhub, you will have to enter the text of your abstract via StudentConnect without symbols or special characters. They need to be expressed as word descriptions. Please follow these steps:

  • Under the 'Enrolment' heading in the side menu, click on 'Course and Unit', select the course that you are completing and click on 'Thesis Abstract'.
  • Follow the steps to enter and finalise the text of your abstract.
  • When you select the 'Allow others to view' button, your supervisor will be able to read the text online through Staff Connect.
  • Print a PDF and send it to your Coordinating supervisor and Graduate Research Coordinator to sign.

2. Complete final version form and revision report

For examinations managed via HDRhub, the Certification of final version form will be accessible after you receive your examination outcome.

The electronic forms below will only apply to courses not administered by the Graduate Research School and are processed outside of HDRhub. You need to complete this form even if you receive a pass with no corrections required.

You may be asked to write a report of thesis revisions when your thesis is returned after examination. Please refer to your Coordinating supervisor if you are unsure if you need to complete this.

3. Prepare digital copy of thesis in a PDF format

Refer to our thesis format and style guidelines to ensure that it meets the requirements of your discipline, the needs of your examiners and the UWA course rules. A proforma for the front pages including examples are also provided in the guidelines.

Please note that the final version of your thesis needs to be in a PDF format and the UWA Records Management file size limitation is a maximum of 25MB. If your thesis is larger than this, you are required to break it into files no larger than 25MB, in as few parts as possible.

The naming convention for all your files should be:

  • SURNAME, First Name, Student Number, Final Thesis; or
  • SURNAME, First Name, Student Number, Final Thesis Part 1

For example, ‘SMITH, John 12345678 Final Thesis’ or ‘SMITH, John 12345678 Final Thesis Part 1’.

4. Submit all items to the Graduate Research School

Upload your final thesis and submit your Certification of final thesis form via HDRhub for your Coordinating supervisor and Graduate Research Coordinator to review and approve.

If you are required to lodge your final version outside of HDRhub, submit the items below to [email protected] for processing.

  1. Signed 100-word thesis abstract summary, entered and printed out from StudentConnect
  2. Signed Certification of Final Version of Thesis form
  3. Digital copy of the pdf final thesis

The Certification of Final Version of Thesis form requires you to declare that you have sought permission from the copyright holder of any third-party copyright material you reproduce in your thesis. Please see the UWA Library's Copyright and Higher Degree Theses guide for more information on using third-party materials.

Once your final version has been processed, your enrolment status will change from 'Inactive' to 'Completed' and access to the Library online information resources will be deactivated.

Students will continue to have access to other University systems such as email and StudentConnect for 12 months after graduation. For further information, refer to askUWA FAQ.

5. Permanent binding

As the Reid Library no longer requires a hard copy of the final version of your thesis, it is entirely up to you and your school to decide how many copies of your thesis you would like to be permanently bound if required.

The Graduate Research School does not provide funding for thesis binding. You may however use the thesis binding allowance from your scholarship if available or contact your coordinating supervisor to enquire if it can be covered by the research project grant. Otherwise, it is the student’s responsibility to cover the costs.

Contact UniPrint for further details and to arrange permanent binding.