1. Prepare thesis abstract

Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement

Complete a summary of your thesis, up to 100 words, in StudentConnect. When your abstract is finalised print the pdf and obtain signatures from your coordinating supervisor and Graduate Research Coordinator. 


2. Prepare form and revision report

Complete the details of the Certification of Final Version of Thesis form and obtain the appropriate signatures. You need to complete this form even if you have received a pass with no corrections required.

You may be asked to write a report of thesis revisions when your thesis is returned after examination.

3. Prepare digital copy of thesis in a PDF format 

The year of the title page is the year when the final version is completed.

The University logo is preferred to be included.

Combine as much of your work into one file as possible, including the title page, acknowledgements, table of contents, chapters and appendices.

You may choose to combine appendices into a second file, if the file size is large (e.g. over 25MB)

Label the file "Familyname_Firstname_Year.pdf" e.g. Viegen_Florence_2018.pdf 

If you have a second file, label files the first file "Familyname_Firstname_Year_Part1.pdf" and the second file "Familyname_Firstname_Year_Part2.pdf".

4. Submit all items to the Graduate Research School

  1. 100 word thesis abstract summary, entered and printed out from Student Connect
  2. Certification of Final Version of Thesis form
  3. Digital copy of the final thesis

Once you have submitted all of these items to [email protected] for processing, your enrolment status will change from 'discontinued' to 'completed'. Your pheme account will remain active for a year after you graduate so you will be able to access the library and use your student email during this period.

Please note the Certification of Final Version of Thesis form requires you to declare that you have sought permission from the copyright holder of any third party copyright material you reproduce in your thesis. Please review the UWA Library advice on copyright if you have any concerns about use of third party materials.

5. Permanent binding

As the Reid Library no longer requires a hard copy of the final version of your thesis, it is entirely up to you and your school to decide how many copies of your thesis you would like to be permanently bound. Contact UniPrint to arrange permanent binding. Thesis binding usually takes approximately 2-3 weeks. Binding specifications and pricing are available here.