HDRhub is an online system for the management of HDR candidature and research training

    HDRhub is a workflow driven online system and the look, feel and terminology will be different. A Glossary of Terms, How to Guides, and Training Videos will be available shortly. Some of the Training Videos are already available below.

    HDRhub will be used by: HDR applicants, students, graduate research coordinators, supervisors, examiners, heads of school, external supervisors and the Graduate Research School team.

    Learn more about HDRhub by watching a recording of the Introduction to HDRhub webinar (delivered on 26 MAY 2022), screenshots of the HDRhub interface and HDRhub FAQs.

    HDRhub Functions

    When HDRhub is fully functional the system will support a large range of functions, including:

    • expressions of interest and applications from prospective students
    • management of candidature milestones, variations of enrolment and internships
    • skills audits, professional development opportunities and portfolio
    • records of supervisory meetings
    • management of thesis examination from submission through to classification
    • supervisor register

    HDRhub Phases

    HDRhub has three key functions and these functions will go live in three phases.

    Phase 1 - Candidate Management - Live NOW!
    Phase 2 - Thesis Examination - Live NOW!
    Phase 3 - Recruitment and Admissions - launched in DEC

    What will HDRhub provide?

    • Information and tracking in HDRhub in real time
    • Current and historical information about student applications, candidature, processes, approvals, and meetings
    • Automated notifications and reminders
    • Student milestones (not in StudentConnect)

    What will not change?

    • Governance and role accountability
    • Enrolment and data - this data will remain in Callista (StudentConnect) and HDRhub data will be updated in Callista
    • Scholarship rankings - will continue to be managed in iAthena until the Recruitment and Admissions module goes live

    What will not be possible using HDRhub?

    • Retrospective changes such as ad-hoc variations to candidature
    • Integration with the Finance system (including the HDR student’s Research Support account), Concur or MS Outlook