HDRhub is the online system used to manage HDR candidature and research training

    HDRhub is a workflow driven online system for use by: HDR students, graduate research coordinators, supervisors, examiners, heads of school, external supervisors and the Graduate Research School team.

    By early 2023, HDRhub will also be used by prospective students to learn about and apply for UWA’s research degrees and project and scholarship opportunities.

    Find out more about HDRhub by viewing screenshots of the HDRhub interface, read the HDRhub FAQs, and watch the training videos for students and staff.

    HDRhub Functions

    HDRhub supports a large range of functions, including:

    • management of candidature milestones, variations of enrolment and internships, with information and tracking in real time and automated notifications and reminders
    • skills audits, professional development opportunities and portfolio
    • records of supervisory meetings
    • management of thesis examination from submission through to classification
    • supervisor register

    HDRhub Login Problems

    If you have problems logging into HDRhub, before you contact the GRS or UWA IT please work through the information in the HRDhub FAQs under “Log-in Problems”.