The acceptance of a research student into a School implies that the School agrees to provide a sufficient level of support to enable the student to complete the initially agreed program of research and study, as well as any agreed variations.

This support includes adequate supervision, provision of adequate resources and facilities, appropriate accommodation and funds for field work. The specific responsibilities of Heads of School, Graduate Research Coordinators and Supervisors are outlined in the University policy on Graduate Research Training.


    Each candidate must be provided with at least TWO supervisors appointed according to the University Policy on Graduate Research Training , are included on the Register of Supervisors, and are experts in the discipline in which the student will undertake research.


    Where practicable, all full-time HDR candidates will be provided with a sole use desk, lockable filing cabinet and bookshelf facilities. Where a sole-use desk is not available, use of a shared desk or other satisfactory, flexible arrangements shall be negotiated between the School, the supervisors and the candidate. Part-time candidates shall be provided with access to a shared desk.

    Computers and IT

    All candidates must be provided with access to:

    • Computer, laptop or desk top, with standard software for information retrieval, word-processing and data analysis
    • Access to the internet through Ethernet or wireless connection
    • Email account
    • Access to IT support
    • Printing


    Library facilities include access to:

    • Hard copy books and reference material
    • Electronic access to journals
    • Inter-library loans
    • Access to publication databases

    After hours access

    Candidates should be able to access their offices, laboratories and shared work spaces on a 24/7 basis. ‘After hours’ work in any University facility must comply with relevant Occupational Health and Safety regulations. ‘After hours’ work in a laboratory may require more than one person to be present for safety reasons (that is, the candidate cannot work alone). The Occupational Health and Safety Unit provides more information.

    Research equipment and facilities

    Candidates should only be accepted into a research degree where there are sufficient facilities and equipment to allow them to undertake the research or where those facilities can reasonably accessed externally. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Laboratories and equipment
    • High performance computing time
    • Collections and databases
    • Consumables and sundries as required
    • Access to funds for fieldwork

    Training and advice

    All candidates must be provided with training and advice as appropriate to their research and generic skills development requirements including but not limited to the following:

    • Ethical and safety requirements of research
    • Training and certification in the use of equipment, fieldwork and data collection skills
    • Access to further training, advice and support may be obtained from the Postgraduate Students Association, Student Services and the Student Guild