Enrolling School
Graduate Research Coordinator
and Environment
Agriculture and Resource Economics (ARE)Doctor Ram Pandit
Environmental ScienceAssoc Prof Roberta Bencini
Geography and PlanningDr Eloise Biggs
Plant and Animal Biology within SAgE;
Institute of Agriculture
Professor Phil Vercoe
Allied Health grc-health@uwa.edu.au Winthrop Professor Jeffrey Keelan
Pharmacygrc-smp@uwa.edu.au Assistant Professor Jane Allan
Social Workgrc-smp@uwa.edu.au Dr Susan Young
Biological Sciences grc-sbs@uwa.edu.au
Animal Biology Winthrop Professor Leigh Simmons
Plant Biology Professor Erik Veneklaas
Business School grc-business@uwa.edu.au
Accounting and Finance Professor Paul Gerrans
Economics Professor Anu Rammohan
Management and Organisations Dr Michael Gillan
Marketing Winthrop Professor Geoff Soutar
Biomedical Science grc-biomed@uwa.edu.auAssociate Professor Allison Imrie
Dr Vance Matthews
Centre for Microscopy,
Characterisation and Analysis
grc-cmca@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Martin Saunders
Centre for Excellence
in Natural Resource Management
grc-cenrm@uwa.edu.auDr Paul Close
Centre for Ophthalmology and Visual Science (COVS)grc-covs@uwa.edu.au Dr Katie Meehan
Dentistry grc-dent@uwa.edu.au Doctor Omar Kujan
Design grc-design@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Fernando Jerez
Earth Sciences grc-ses@uwa.edu.auDoctor Moyra Wilson
Associate Professor Eun-Jung Holden
Chemical EngineeringDoctor Einar Fridjonsson
Civil, Engineering and Mining Engineering Associate Professor Ali Karrech
Dr Hongwei An
COFS Dr Shazzad Hossain (Muhammad Hossain)
Computer Science and Software Engineering Associate Professor Du Huynh
Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering Professor Brett Nener
Mechanical EngineeringProfessor Adam Wittek
Graduate School of Education grc-edu@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Elaine Chapman
Human Sciences grc-shs@uwa.edu.au
Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology Associate Professor Debra Judge
Sport Science, Exercise and HealthAssociate Professor Sandy Gordon
Humanities grc-hum@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Kieran Dolin
Indigenous Studies jill.milroy@uwa.edu.au Professor Jill Milroy
Law grc-law@uwa.edu.au Professor Alex Gardner
Mathematics and
grc-pmc@uwa.edu.au Doctor Thomas Stemler
Medical School grc-med@uwa.edu.au
Medicinegrc-med@uwa.edu.au Assistant Professor Jane Allan
Paediatric and Child Healthpostgrad-spach@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Sunalene Devadason
Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Caregrc-sparhc@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Nahal Mavaddat
Surgerygrc-surg@uwa.edu.au Professor Barry Iacopetta
Associate Professor Nathan Pavlos
Molecular Sciences grc-sms@uwa.edu.au Professor Reto Dorta
Associate Professor Peter Arthur
Music grc-music@uwa.edu.au Dr Nicholas Bannan
Pathology and
Laboratory Medicine
grc-palm@uwa.edu.au Professor Jennet Harvey
Dr Katie Meehan (Dep)
Physics and

Professor Gerhardt Meurer (ICRAR)
Professor Li Ju
Population and Global Health grc-sph@uwa.edu.au Dr Kevin Murray
Psychological Science grc-sps@uwa.edu.auMr Neil McLean
Associate Professor Romina Palermo
Social Sciences grc-ss@uwa.edu.au Associate Professor Steven Maras
Dr Laura Dales
Women's and Infants' Health grc-swih@uwa.edu.auProfessor Jeffrey Keelan