Welcome from the Dean of the Graduate Research School

GRS Dean Imelda Whelehan

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a higher degree at The University of Western Australia.

You're at the start of an incredible journey that will see you learning new skills and uncovering new knowledge.

The transition into a graduate research degree involves a much higher level of independent thinking, planning and activity than many students expect. Most students find the process both challenging and exciting. The Graduate Research School provides assistance and a range of professional development opportunities to help you meet those challenges and make the most of your time with us.

By pursuing a graduate research degree, you are taking a unique opportunity to follow an area of interest, focus on this for several years and make an important contribution to the development of knowledge in your chosen area.

Your capacity for innovative, independent research, for critical thinking, and your time, project management and problem-solving skills will be challenged. You will also need to have, or to develop, excellent skills in the organisation and communication of information.

You will experience few greater senses of achievement than the day you graduate with your higher degree. I encourage you to stay focused on your goal and wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.

Professor Imelda Whelehan
Dean of the Graduate Research School

First Steps

Please follow the 10-step guide to getting started.

Within two months of enrolling, you will be invited to a face-to-face or MS Teams GRS Welcome. In between enrolling and attending a welcome, please complete the GRS online induction.

GRS Online Induction

Please read the following induction units prior to registering for a GRS Welcome. The units provide an overview of Graduate Research Training at UWA, from enrolment to graduation. Refer back to these units at any time in your candidature if you have any questions.

In the units, links are provided to webpages. If you would like these links to open in a new window, you may need to change your Browser settings. In Google Chrome, if you hold down the CTRL button while clicking on the link, the link will open in a new window.

GRS Welcome

GRS Welcomes are held every month and can be attended either in person or online. You are expected to attend one of these welcomes in the first six months of your studies.

The GRS Welcome provides an opportunity for you to meet other newly enrolled students and ask the GRS staff any questions you may have about your candidature. You can register for to attend a GRS Welcome using the HDRhub Events Calendar and reminders of upcoming welcomes will be provided in the GRS Newsletters.

If you have unanswered questions after completing the GRS Induction Module or attending a GRS Welcome, please feel free to book an appointment with a Graduate Education Officer.

School Operations Contacts

Full-time Higher Degree Research students are eligible for desk allocation, where available. The School Operations team in your school will provide assistance with your desk allocation, and is there to provide support and guidance on school administrative matters during your candidature. If they’re not able to directly respond to your request, they will direct you to the appropriate source of help.

Your local School Operations teams contact details are provided below.

Your Graduate Research Coordinator contact details are provided here.


SchoolContact Email
Agriculture and Environment[email protected]
Allied Health[email protected]
Biological Sciences[email protected]
Biomedical Sciences[email protected]
Business School[email protected]
Conservatorium of Music [email protected]
Dentistry [email protected]
Design [email protected]
Earth Sciences[email protected]
School of Engineering [email protected]
Graduate School of Education [email protected]
Human Sciences[email protected]
Humanities [email protected]
Law[email protected]
Medical School[email protected]
Molecular Sciences[email protected]
Oceans Graduate School[email protected]
Physics, Mathematics and Computing               [email protected]
Population and Global Health[email protected]
Psychological Science[email protected]
Social Sciences[email protected]