All progress review and variation of candidature processes are now managed in HDRhub.

The examination process is also managed via HDRhub, unless your examination was in progress prior to JUN 2022 and then you should continue to use the forms on this page.


Scholarship forms

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Intellectual property and thesis confidentiality

Further information about confidentiality and intellectual property can be found here

Thesis submission and examination forms and guidelines

The examination forms below are only intended for students in School-owned research courses.

For students whose courses are administered by the Graduate Research School, please lodge your forms online via HDRhub. Further details can be found on the Submitting your thesis for examination page.

The Notice of Intent to Exhibit form is for Master of Fine Arts candidates only.

Please send the completed form and any relevant documents to [email protected].

Please use the PDF version of the form unless you need to use the RTF for accessibility reasons.