From 31 MAY 2022, all progress review and variations of candidature forms will be managed in HDRhub. Most of the hard copy forms below have been discontinued.


Application forms and guidelines for PhD and master's candidature

Downgrade and upgrade forms are for UWA students only.

Research proposals

Research Proposals for current students are submitted and managed in HDRhub. The Research Proposal form provided below is for the use only of students transferring into UWA from Higher Degree by Research courses in other universities.

Scholarship forms

DELNA progress report

Extension of candidature 

Intellectual property and thesis confidentiality

Further information about confidentiality and intellectual property can be found here

Thesis submission and examination forms and guidelines

Further details about thesis submission and examination can be found here.
Please allow at least a week for your Graduate Research Coordinator to review your thesis submission documents. Failure to do so may delay the documents received at the Graduate Research School.
The Notice of Intent to Exhibit form is for Master of Fine Arts candidates only.
Delphi is no longer used to submit nomination forms. All students need to use the Nomination of Examiners form provided below. The completed form can be sent to [email protected] or the hard copy can be submitted via mail or in person to the Graduate Research School.
The Nomination of Examiners, Thesis Submission and Certification of Final Version forms are provided as fillable PDFs. Please use the PDF version of the form unless you need to use the RTF for accessibility reasons.

The Travel Grant application form includes the guidelines.

Thesis allowance forms

Relocation claim

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