All postgraduate research forms are available here.

Please note that a number of these forms should now be submitted online. If you are submitting forms for suspension, annual leave, overseas travel, maternity leave, sick leave, changes to enrolment, changes to supervision, addition of coursework units or withdrawal please submit the application online using StudentConnect.


Application forms and guidelines for PhD and master's candidature

International students – see the application forms on the Future students website.

Downgrade and upgrade forms are for UWA students only.

As of 1 January 2004, all preliminary program are administered by the University's faculties. Contact your faculty for more details.

Research proposals

Advice about how to prepare a research proposal is available here. See also the research proposal seminars held regularly throughout the year.

Scholarship forms for staff

Confirmation of candidature (doctoral students only)

Further details of the confirmation process is available here

To be completed by doctoral students commencing after the 1 January 2006 after completing the first 12 months of full-time candidature or equivalent.

Progress and annual reports

Support for preparing an annual report can be found here.

Extension and candidature and scholarships

Further details about extensions of candidature can be found here

Intellectual property and thesis confidentiality

Further information about confidentiality and intellectual property can be found here

Submission of thesis or other examinable work

Further details about thesis submission and examination can be found here. See also the thesis examination seminar

The notice of intent to exhibit form is for Master of Fine Arts candidates only.

Thesis examination forms and guidelines

Travel award

More details about the travel award are available here

The Travel Grant application form includes the guidelines.

Thesis allowance forms

Relocation claim

Please note that the forms below should now be completed online using StudentConnect.

Changes to candidature and scholarships

Use the Application for variation of terms (1) form for:

  1. Add or change a School or Centre
  2. Add or change a supervisor

Use the Application for variation of terms (2) form for:

  1. Change of Enrolment Type
  2. Change of Research Direction
  3. Addition of Coursework Units
  4. Other changes

Leave and overseas travel

Use the Leave Form for all leave of more than 4 weeks taken within Australia, including:

  1. Annual/personal leave within Australia
  2. Paid Professional Development Leave
  3. Sick leave
  4. Maternity leave, both paid and unpaid
  5. Parental leave, both paid and unpaid

Use the Overseas Travel form for:

  1. Any overseas travel (research or personal leave)

Suspension or withdrawal from candidature and/or scholarships