Welcome from the Dean of the Graduate Research School

GRS Dean Imelda Whelehan

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a higher degree at The University of Western Australia.

You're at the start of an incredible journey that will see you learning new skills and uncovering new knowledge.

The transition into a graduate research degree involves a much higher level of independent thinking, planning and activity than many students expect. Most students find the process both challenging and exciting. The Graduate Research School provides assistance and a range of professional development opportunities to help you meet those challenges and make the most of your time with us.

By pursuing a graduate research degree, you are taking a unique opportunity to follow an area of interest, focus on this for several years and make an important contribution to the development of knowledge in your chosen area.

Your capacity for innovative, independent research, for critical thinking, and your time, project management and problem-solving skills will be challenged. You will also need to have, or to develop, excellent skills in the organisation and communication of information.

You will experience few greater senses of achievement than the day you graduate with your higher degree. I encourage you to stay focused on your goal and wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.

Professor Imelda Whelehan
Dean of the Graduate Research School

GRS Induction

All research students are invited to an informal GRS induction within a month of enrolment. These inductions aim to provide information about the first few months of candidature, including how candidature is managed, where to find information, central resources and GRS support.

Domestic students receive an email invitation to a lunchtime induction meeting.

International students will receive an email invitation to a morning induction meeting. This induction provides some additional information relevant to students with a student visa and international scholarship conditions and is part of the FIRSTatUWA program that supports international students to transition into their studies at UWA.

Students requiring more induction information are always welcome to book an appointment with a Graduate Education Officer.

GRS Welcome

A formal GRS welcome is held twice a year at the University Club. All students will receive an email invitation to register and all are expected to attend in the first year of candidature. The welcome explores the entire course of candidature, from enrolment to graduation.

Search for upcoming GRS Welcome events in the GRS Calendar of Events.

Postgraduate Students' Almanac

Read our guide to postgraduate research life at UWA, covering everything from candidature, resources, training and facilities. The Almanac is provided at enrolment.

Additional Information

  • All new students are required to complete the online Academic Conduct Essentials unit within the first 10 weeks of enrolment.
  • All HDR students are required to complete DELNA Screening within the first 10 weeks of enrolment.

  • From StudentConnect you can check your enrolment status, change your personal details and check your research milestones and due dates for your paperwork.
  • The library can help you get online at UWA, including setting up your Pheme account and your internet access, accessing your email and connecting to the wireless network, Unifi.
  • The Graduate Education Officers offer support and training for research students, including a series of Research Skills workshops for postgraduate research students early in candidature. Other special events, workshops and seminars throughout the year can be found in the GRS Calendar of Events.
  • Each month you will be send a GRS Newsletter with updates to policies and practices, upcoming events, research opportunities and a student profile. Past copies of the GRS Newsletter can be found here.
  • Meet other postgraduate research students at LACE, the UWA Guild social or sporting clubs, or PSA events.
  • Explore the UWA student experience