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UWA provides you with a wide range of training and professional development opportunities.

These opportunities are available to all research students through the faculties, schools, the Graduate Research School and central sources at the University such as the UWA Library, Student Services, Research Services and the Careers Centre. These training and professional development opportunities include online materials, face-to-face lectures, seminars, workshops, and individual consultations.

Many training and professional development events are listed in the GRS Events Calendar and each month you will be sent a GRS newsletter listing upcoming research events and opportunities.

Online courses are also offered by UWA Extension


A range of training and professional development opportunities are listed below.

  1. Writing and communication skills development
  2. Research skills development
  3. Professional development

Writing and communication skills development

Research Proposal

Literature review

Academic writing and thesis writing


Writing papers

Research skills development

Getting started

Software training and support

Statistical support

Data management and research metrics

  • UWA library toolkits: Research data management and Open access
  • 23 (research data) things: Self directed learning about research data
  • UWA library workshops: Research impact and research profiles, research metrics

Research conduct and compliance

  • GRS Seminar: Research conduct
  • UWA Animal ethics welfare and science (PAWES) course
  • UWA Safety courses: lab, laser & radioisotope safety, diver & snorkeler assessment, 4WD training

Professional development


Innovation and enterprise