Robert Street Prize

Awarded by the Board of the Graduate Research School for the thesis which has made the most outstanding contribution to its field in a given year

Previous Winners

GRS Dean's List

In recognition of an outstanding thesis, at least three Graduate Research School Board Members must nominate the thesis for an Honourable Mention in the Board of the Graduate Research School Dean's List. The nominations are considered by the Board for consideration.

Previous Winners

GRS Publication Award

Each year, six prizes of $500 are awarded from the GRS for the best work accepted for publication by an enrolled HDR student from any discipline. Queries should be directed to Dr Michael Azariadis, Graduate Education Officer.


To be eligible for a GRS ication Award a candidate must have been enrolled at UWA in a PhD, Professional Doctorate, or Master's by Research degree at the time the work was prepared and submitted for publication (in the case of work accepted for publication) or completed, displayed or performed (in the case of creative work).


Four copies of each application must be submitted to the Graduate Research School. The applications in each category are assessed by a panel of senior academic staff, representing a range of disciplines relevant to the work submitted.

2019 Winners, Co-winners and Special Commendations

Biological Sciences - Belinda Martin (School of Biological Sciences)
Oxygen loss from seagrass roots coincides with colonization of sulphide oxidizing cable bacteria and reduces sulphide stress
International Society of Microbial Ecology Journal (ISME)
Clinical Medicine and Dentistry co-winner - Simone Mahfouda (School of Psychological Sciences)
Gender-affirming hormones and surgery in transgender children and adolescents
Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology
Clinical Medicine and Dentistry co-winner - Lauren Blekkenhorst (Medical School)
Nitrate-rich vegetables do not lower blood pressure in individuals with mildly elevated blood pressure: a 4-wk randomized controlled crossover trial
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Humanities and Creative Works winner - Parisa Shams (School of Humanities)
The Glee of Vulnerability
Edward Albee as Theatrical and Dramatic Innovator, Crespy & Konkle (eds) Brill Publications, Leiden
Mathematics, Physical Science and Engineering winner - Qingyun Li (School of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering)
Robust reconstruction of local optic axis orientation with fiber-based polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography
Biomedical Optics Express
Mathematics, Physical Science and Engineering special commendation - Ben Korman (Medical School)
Can mathematical modelling explain the measured magnitude of the second gas effect?
Social Sciences (Quantitative) winner - Michael Wilson (School of Psychological Science)
Remembering to Execute Deferred Tasks in Simulated Air Traffic Control: The Impact of Interruptions
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied (JEPA)
Social Sciences (Qualitiative) winner - Catriona Stevens (School of Social Sciences)
Temporary work, permanent visas and circular dreams: Temporal disjunctures and precarity among Chinese migrants to Australia
Current Sociology